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why do boys care if girls look different without makeup on? 

I mean your dick be lookin small before it gets hard

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back to the start pilot episodes ∞ gossip girl

❝ and who am I? that’s one  s e c r e t  I’ll never tell. 
                              you know you  l o v e  me. xoxo, gossipgirl. ❞

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The paparazzi really frustrate me and it makes me really upset that I’m being followed around by men that I don’t know. For anyone else you could be considered stalking. I don’t know who these guys are. I don’t know if they are good guys or bad guys. I don’t necessarily care, I don’t want anyone following me… ever. Because that’s just a weird concept and it doesn’t seem the safest either. I kinda think that’s an unfair thing.”

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onece a pon a time there was a turtle how lived in side a big big cave and had no family


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